Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster review

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The Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster is in a league of it's own. The blaster fires from a shell
and similarly mimics a shotgun shooting multiple darts all at once. The blaster is capable of
shooting 3 darts all at the same time. But what's also cool is the quick time succession in reloading -
all you have to do is pull down the front of the barrel (which will also automatically prep the trigger)
take out the fired casing shell and replace
with the pre-loaded shell. The Sledgefire blaster is capable of shooting darts at a distance of 30-75ft depending on how the darts are fired and the type of condition within the are.
Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconHolds upto 3 Nerf darts per a shell

Nerf-Gun-Tick-Icon Quick reload feature

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconFires darts up to 75ft


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The Nerf Strike Sledgefire Blaster is an entirely new design, not a mere modification of older blasters. This blaster fires from a shell instead of individual darts in separate pistons. The multi-shot system allows for 3 darts to be fired at once. The multi-shot shell system also allows for faster reloading of multiple darts into the barrel. The user would only have to insert only 1 shell that already contains 3 darts.
Take a look at this comprehensive Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster review and get to know its unique and amazing features.

The Sledgefire has that loud click when the barrel is closed. The shots can be pretty loud too, but without that nice zipping sound.

Firing Rate
The Sledgefire blaster can only hold 3 darts. Each shot fires 3 darts at the same time. All 3 darts are fired from 1 shell loaded in a large, shared piston. There is no multi-step trigger system that would fire the darts one at a time. Only the darts are fired and the shell remains inside the blaster; it would have to be pulled out when reloading.

The cylinder does not jam as long as Elite darts and its variants (e.g. Zombie Strike darts) are used. Using Micro Darts, Whistler Darts, and Tagger Micro Darts will only jam the shell and prevent the blaster from firing them. When using Streamline Darts, the darts will only fall off when the trigger is pulled.

The darts tend to spread out when fired, which can interfere with accuracy. However, users will get a good chance that at least 1 of the darts will hit the target. This scattershot feature ensures better accuracy when the blaster is fired at closer ranges. In any case, the Sledgefire can shoot darts up to acceptable distances.

The firing range of the Sledgefire is 45 to 55 feet flat. If the blaster is angled, the firing range increases to 60 to 70 feet. These ranges fall slightly short of the ranges of N-Strike Elite blasters. The Sledgefire has the Nerf Barrel Break’s breechloading feature, which improves the volley size.
While this is a good blaster, this is not recommended for fast-paced Nerf events. Reloading takes longer than with other Nerf blasters—6 to 7 seconds at best.
To reload the blaster, the barrel would have to be fully broken open. This will also prime the blaster at the same time. Empty shells within the pistons should be removed before you load a full one. Close the barrel afterwards for the blaster to be ready for another 3-dart shot.

Nerf-Zombie-Strike-Sledgefire-Blaster-BoxThe blaster is solid and has a good fit in the user’s hands. This is a multi-fire blaster. The Sledgefire is shell-loaded with ZombieStrike darts. It has anintegrated 3-shell storage as well as one tactical rail of top of the blaster and 2 strap points. A bandolier or a sling can be attached to these strap points. One strap point is located above the muzzle and the other is on the bottom of the blaster’s integrated shoulder stock.

The integrated shoulder stock can hold 3 shells at a time, thus ensuring a convenient way to carry spares. The receiver bears the recognizable Z-Strike logo.
Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster Unboxing and Review
The Sledgefire comes in an open-faced packaging. This is a new packaging system adopted for newer Nerf blasters. Buyers can see exactly what comes with the box. Each box has 9 ZombieStrike darts, 3 Sledgefire shells, ZombieStrike stencils, and an instruction manual.

The Sledgefire somewhat resembles the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2. If the Sledgefire stock is removed, the blaster looks so much more like the Barrel Break.
The blaster can hold 4 shells. Three of the shells are in the integrated stock while the fourth shell is loaded inside the barrel.

Users may also have to carry extra shells in a separate pack. Several shells should already be packed with darts. It will really take time to insert darts inside the shells as they empty.

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