Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster Review

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The Nerf N-Strike raider rapid fire CS35 is an air powered blaster with two blasting modes, providing up to 35 darts in a cool drum magazine. Also
comes with a shoulder stock for a more accurate aim.
Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconRapid Fire of up to 35 darts

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconClear drum magazine to let you know when your ammo is low

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconTwo blasting modes

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconShoulder stock for more precise aim



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For people who prefer tactics over mindless shooting, the Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire will make swift work of their opponents with its ability to hold 35 darts and a clear window to help you check if your ammo’s getting low. The Raider is by far one of the most powerful weapons in the Nerf N-Strike line, especially because of its precision, firing rate, portability, and 35-shot drum. That being said, the next sections of this Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire review shall talk about aspects, both good and bad, as reported by people who’ve used the product.


The Raider does not use any batteries; you basically have to pump and pull the trigger for single shots, and or hold the trigger and pump furiously for multiple shots. This makes the Raider one of the most silent Nerf guns you’ll ever use, as other Nerf guns require noisy pumping or batteries to power up humming motors. This makes the Raider a perfect companion for sneaking up on your opponents, which is especially useful in indoor Nerf warfare.

Firing Rate

Since the Raider does not run on batteries, how fast it fires will be largely dependent on how fast you can pump and pull the trigger (and, of course, the mechanical limits of the device). For single-fire mode, the rate is about 2 darts per second, whereas for slam fire it goes up to about 3-4 darts per second. While the Raider won’t be able to hit ten opponents in a fraction of a second, its firing rate should be enough especially if you’re not the hit-everything-in-one-go type of person.


In terms of range, the Raider performs pretty well, with a range of about 25-35. What’s great about the Raider is that since it doesn’t run using a huge air bladder or a battery-operated spring system, it maintains a relatively consistent range for the darts. This is important especially for faraway targets, since air bladder or battery-operated spring systems tend to produce extreme highs and lows that can make it a pain to predict whether or not you’ll hit your intended target.


The Raider really shines in terms of ergonomics, as its lightweight design makes it easy to run around and rush to your opponent with your 35-shot drum. The only problem people have noticed with the Raider is that if you don’t run the pump completely, you’ll end up jamming the whole thing, with the dart probably ending up folded and ruined. This problem, however, goes away with a bit of practice with the device.

Take note that some people have reported having problems with the darts jamming even with the pump being used correctly. This is a common problem in dud units. In most cases, you’re better off buying from trusted sites, and one we could recommend is Amazon to avoid this problem.Nerf-N-Strike-Raider-Rapid-Fire-CS-35-Dart-Blaster-Box

Build Quality

People love how cool the Raider looks. You’ll be hard pressed to find an N-Strike Raider review that doesn’t talk about the Raider’s interesting aesthetics. In fact, a lot of beginners end up choosing Raider because of how its looks stood out in the shelves. Apart from aesthetics, the build quality is excellent and feels very sturdy. The parts don’t feel flimsy even when used in Nerf wars. You’ll have to remember, however, that Nerf guns are primarily made of plastic, so while the Raider can take quite a lot of hits (and do a lot of them in return), you’ll still have to provide the same level of care you’d normally give to anything that’s plastic (e.g., don’t expose to too much heat).


The Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is one of the most popular guns in the N-Strike line because of its huge ammo capacity, portability, cool looks, and ease of use. In any case, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense Nerf gun, the Raider is definitely worth the price.

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