Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Review

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The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster has two barrels which holds up
to 50 darts (25 darts in each barrel). The motorized blaster is capable
of firing a blizzard of darts of up to 90 feet and comes with tripod which
which can be detachable.
Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconComes with two barrels holding up to 50 darts

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconMotorized firing

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconFire darts up to 90 feet

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconDetachable tripod for easy manoeuvring


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Regardless of the version, the Rhino-Fire Blaster is regarded as the biggest and most expensive product from Nerf today. A legendary successor to the well-known N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25, this blaster comes with twice the ammunition, has the capacity to fire with double barrels, includes double pistol grips, doubles the fire distance, and has an enhanced rate of fire.

In this Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire review, we’ll take a look at the aspects, focusing on the design and performance of this model.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Ergonomics and Design

The Rhino-Fire Blaster is remarkably big. If size really matters, then the Rhino-Fire is the real champion. From top to bottom, it is big. Although its size limits its overall performance, it really provides this blaster the element of intimidation compared to other blasters you can buy at Amazon. It’s really cool to own this outrageous blaster.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Rhino Fire is also as cumbersome as it looks. You will need your two hands to use this blaster with all its two large dart drums, two pistol grips, six “D” cells, and all the mechanical parts loaded up – Unless of course, you have a tripod.

There’s a thin, orange painted fore-grip installed just behind the barrels that also serves as a mounting point for the main tactical rail. Even though it doesn’t guarantee any kind of comfort because of its size, you will easily get used to gripping that bar with your non-dominant hand while you are holding a pistol grip attached at the blaster’s back. It is surprising that these grips are on the small side, and not that convenient to use compared to the usual Nerf standards.

Thankfully, there’s an added paddle, which serves to both fire darts when fully pressed or spin the blaster’s flywheels when half-pressed. This is centrally located, and easier to reach for both left-handed and right handed players. However, it is clear that ergonomics is not the main design consideration for this bad-a*s blaster.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Performance

After loading all the 50 darts into the double drums (you need to load up 25 darts for each drum), playing with the Rhino Fire blaster is really easy and fun. This blaster beast is really loud, probably louder than any existing blaster today. It really gets the attention. However when those remarkable, recoiling barrels are up in action, the blaster will really remind you of a sophisticated anti-aircraft gun.Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Rhino-Fire-Blaster-Box

With that size and power, it could really realize those Rambo-like dreams of being able to fire up a bad-a*s cannon to strike at all who dare to stand in your way. But in actual use, the performance of the Rhino Fire blaster is not really better than other blasters from Nerf today. Striking at about a 30 degree arc for max distance, you can hit ranges at max 79 ft. In comparison to other blasters, that is actually remarkable.

For a toy with a price tag, it really needs to be really special to provide value for the money. In reality, most Nerf blasters that sell for a fraction of that cost are more reliable and equally fun to use. It is big, heavy, and not better when it comes to shooting distance. But considering those factors would miss the point.

Remember, The Rhino Fire Blaster was promoted as the “ultimate holiday blaster” when it was introduced recently, and not the ultimate performance blaster. To put it simply, it is designed to make something unique that you can give your kids as well as big boys to get some fun. It’s a designer product that is meant for its intimidating effect and not performance. It’s similar to a luxury bag that is used for its beauty and not for its purpose. This blaster is badder and bigger than whatever other kids own. And on these ends, the Rhino Fire Blaster is a winner like no other versions on Amazon today.

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