Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review

Model: Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18HighlightsPriceRating
The Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 comes with a drum magazine, allowing
you to carry 18 darts worth of ammo. The slam feature handle allows
you to easily release a flow of darts with just the trigger of a finger.
Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconComes with a drum barrel

Nerf-Gun-Tick-Icon18 Max dart capacity

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconSlam Feature


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The N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 from Nerf is a remarkable blaster. Even with its own mini drum with 18 round capacity, this blaster is easy to carry but packs a significant punch with an amazing range of features for such reasonable price. The Alpha Trooper is a popular choice of weapon for most Nerf battles. This Nerf Alpha Trooper review will guide through the blaster’s design, ergonomics, and performance.
Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Ergonomics and Design

Inside the box you’ll find the basic blaster, 18 streamline darts, one 18 round drum, and one operation’s manual. Unlike other Nerf blasters, the Alpha Trooper is quite small and uses the streamline standard darts. Drums are more vulnerable to jamming compared to clips, but this is usually due to the user error. Just be sure that you insert the darts carefully so you can avoid jamming issues. Another ideal approach to avoid jamming is to pull the handle all the way back with enough pressure and push it forward to make certain it will not jam. Add more pressure if you need to slam fire.

The Alpha Trooper is easy to hold and very convenient to use. In addition, it is quite easy to cock the pump action priming beneath the barrel compared to the top slider of the Nerf Recon. This Nerf blaster is also compatible with standard tactical rail accessories. It also allows detachable stocks that can be used for Recon, Raider, Super Soaker, and Spectre water guns. Even though this blaster don’t provide any allowances for extensions on the barrel, it is long enough.It is also interesting to take note that the drum for the Alpha Trooper could fit other compatible blaster clips such as the Recon CS-6.
Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 PerformanceNerf-N-Strike-Alpha-Trooper-CS-18-Box

Right away, this Nerf blaster carries similar fire feature such as the Raider CS-35. Add some pressure to the trigger, then pull back the cock under the barrel then you can easily achieve that amazing rapid fire action. Distances are really remarkable as the Alpha Trooper has a longer range compared to the Longstrike and the Recon. While it still uses a reverse plunger, there’s no feeling of under tuned. It also boasts of accuracy during single shot firing.

When it comes to accuracy, this blaster can easily strike a human size target at least 30 feet away. For ranges that are farther than 30 feet, you may need to fire a second shot. The Alpha Trooper gets around 10m flat that is generally uncommon in the series of reverse plunger blaster in the N-strike range. Hence, this blaster can easily compete against NF’s and Longshots.
Concolusion to the Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

In general, the popularity of the Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 is not surprising at all. Considering its compact design and lightweight structure, it can still provide a powerful punch with its 18 round drum capacity as well as slamfire abilities. Its design is also cool, and the ability to attach a stock to it allows you to customize its looks to make it suitable according to your battle preferences and what the setting needs.

Overall performance is excellent for a Nerf blaster. Accuracy and range are above average, and the 18 drum is quite smaller compared to the 35 drum of other Nerf blasters. This makes the Alpha Trooper less bulky and clumsy.

Most Nerf fanatics consider the Alpha Trooper as their favorite blaster and it is commonly recommended especially for beginners. It is easy to get hold of it today, thanks to online shopping platforms such as Amazon where you can buy it for a reasonable price (often discounted!). Whether you are a beginner Nerf warrior or a veteran, the Alpha Trooper CS-18 must be part of your arsenal.

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