Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike Blaster Review

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The Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike is very lightweight and portable. It's so small that you can carry it around with ease. The build is similar to the Nerf Hammershot,
sporting an awesome Derringer style design. The DoubleStrike blaster comes with two darts that can be fired singularly with it's smart AR block,
and doesn't come with a auto rotation mech which would otherwise add to the bulk. The firing range of this gun can range from anywhere from 30 to 45ft which is quite surprising for it's size.
Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconHolds 2 Nerf darts

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconAR block feature for single fire

Nerf-Gun-Tick-IconCock back mechanism for single handed reload


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When it comes to protecting yourself from a raging zombie attack, an extra shot always comes handy. The DoubleStrike blaster is specially designed to give you not one, but two powerful shots! Hit a pesky brain eater with the first shot, and totally shoot it down in style with the second, all in just a single hand. From Hasbro’s bestselling Nerf Zombie Strike series, learn more about this little bad boy in this Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike Blaster review.


The Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike Blaster is all about strength, stealth and style. Getting inspirations from the derringer, this little green blaster is compact, lightweight and portable. The DoubleStrike blaster is so small that you can use it perfectly for stealth missions or carry it with you on casual night-outs.

Don’t let its small size fool you! The DoubleStrike blaster boasts a double-dart firing power with its vertically stacked twin barrels and sleek hammer action. Simply load a Zombie Strike dart at the front of each barrel to gear yourself up for a brain eater killing frenzy. Whenever you’re ready, just pull the hammer back and fire away! Missed the shot? No worries! The DoubleStrike has another dart fully loaded and ready for action


With stealth being one of its primary considerations, the DoubleStrike blaster is technically noiseless and quiet. Loading the Zombie Strike darts into the barrel and locking the hammer produces a soft mechanical clicking sound that is already inaudible even from just a few feet away.

Aside from the clicking sound of the launching mechanism, the foam Zombie Strike darts makes no noise at all when the DoubleStrike blaster is fired.

Firing Rate

The DoubleStrike blaster is designed for manual shooting. However, with practice, you can actually cock the hammer quickly and fire the two Zombie Strike darts in rapid succession. The top barrel of the DoubleStrike blaster will always be the first fired shot, whether it is loaded with a dart or not.


In comparison to real guns and paintball guns, the DoubleStrike blaster’s shooting range is relatively shorter since the Zombie Strike darts are made of foam and are a lot lighter. However, launching spring of the DoubleStrike blaster is pretty strong, thus allowing this little bad boy to reach a shooting range of up to 30 ft. on a straight shot and up to 40 ft. on a 45-degree angle shot.

Build Quality

Nerf-Zombie-Strike-DoubleStrike-Blaster-BoxJust like any other Nerf gun, the DoubleStrike blaster is made of durable plastic. This is not intended to be a substitute for real guns and is only marketed as a toy. With the design and look of a derringer as its inspiration, the DoubleStrike blaster is relatively compact, lightweight and portable. It can easily fit any normal-sized pocket or you can even discreetly sneak it in the waistline of your pants. Currently, the DoubleStrike blaster is the smallest member of the Nerf Zombie Strike series.

The color combination of striking yellow green and bright orange gives the DoubleStrike blaster a child-appealing look. The details of the design, though, especially the outer shell closely resembles a real derringer. Sticking to the zombie apocalypse theme, the handle is made to appear as if it is wrapped with dirty cloth and its size is perfect for the DoubleStrike blaster’s petite frame.

The trigger and the hammer can be operated smoothly and are ergonomically positioned so that users can operate the blaster with just one hand. When holding the DoubleStrike blaster, your index finger can pull the trigger conveniently and your thumb can easily cock the hammer. However, people with larger hands may feel uncomfortable when operating the DoubleStrike blaster.

Despite its tiny size, the DoubleStrike blaster complies with the Nerf guns standard of being strong enough to endure normal wear and tear such as dropping or hitting hard surfaces. The hammer action and launching mechanism are well-engineered to stay functional even after thousands of use.


The Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike Blaster lives up to its intended reputation of being a dainty and sleek blaster with the right strength and stealth. It may not be as powerful as most blasters in the market today, but the DoubleStrike is a definite must-have for any Nerf gun aficionado.

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